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Two Americans, one British grocery store.
Anybody care for a Fabulously Fruity Gooseberry Fool?

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This channel is about a traveling duo, Damon Dominique (Damon) and Joanna Franco (Jo), who together make @damonandjo. We learn languages, teach you how to sound cooler when speaking languages. We backpack on a budget. We question the status quo. We shut up and Go.

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Books and movies we used to learn Italian:

Books and movies we used to learn French:


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Guaranteed Tips For Smooth Travel Journey

Before buying an used car it is essential to look out for damages and car history. If the car has been damaged in an accident then it’s better to repair it with new parts that can help in high end performance of the car. The design and make ensures how the car is going to be handled. Another tip that can help is of car history, it is one of the essential tips that need to be checked before making the purchase. Minute details are exposed when it comes to car history. These details show how the car has performed when it comes to speed and fuel economy.

Children’s activities – If you’re travelling with children (or particularly restless adults) it may be worth making sure you have plenty of things to keep them entertained during the travelling part of the holiday. MP3 players, books, puzzles and games could all be handy.

travel tips There are stunning beaches, luscious rainforests, outdoor extreme sporting adventures, and life changing cultural experiences which can be found in Australia. The only way to experience these awesome adventures is through driving in australia with a car rental.

And isn’t it funny, the natural ingredients for all the latest “miracle pills” comes from remote places, and the indigenous people that use them don’t live as we do in the Western world.

Would you join if you were in my shoes? Would you spend the money to be part of a travel membership group that can not only save you money on future travel but can also generate commission pay days? I am still undecided but think that i might give it a try.

We hired a 4WD locally to tour the main 3 tribes in the area (Mersi, Hamer and Karo tribes). We shared this cost with 3 other travellers who were on the bus and stayed at the same accommodation as us.

When the hubby and i traveled to Australia the first time, we flew Air New Zealand. Why? Because the airline offered a free stop over in their hub in New zealand. We had never seen the country and were planning to tour it anyway. This way, we didn’t have to pay for airfare to and from.

Thame – A Place To Go For A Wonderful Vacation

Unfortunately travel safety has become a major concern for both corporate and personal travelers. There are far too many predators out there trying to make money what they consider the easy way, by stealing it. Even more frightening is the fact that many are not looking for money but to rape or cause bodily harm. Everyone knows that crime exists and that the possibility of these events is real. However, way too many think it will never happen to them. There is no concrete secret that will guarantee that you will never fall victim to crime while traveling but there are measures you can take that can reduce the possibility. Adhere to these travel tips and give yourself the travel safety edge.

This may seem obvious but only too often do people get lost, or miss an exit on a freeway and end up going 300km down the wrong road. This means you will miss out on seeing travel tips the things you want, missing your campsite booking and getting behind schedule.

Skylab / habal-habal – if your Philippine travel brings you to remote barrios in the country, there is a good chance that you will see (or even ride!) one of these mode of transport worthy of entry in the Guinness World Record for the highest number of passengers on a single motorcycle. This may even rival the stunts of the acrobats of Cirque du Soleil.

Plan where you want to go before hand so that you don’t miss out on any exciting event that you will regret. Also, try not to make your destinations to far apart. If you are driving hundreds of kilometres every day, you will become tired and fatigued, and won’t be able to fully enjoy your trip!

One of the most common suggestions was to bring a cooler along for the trip, and stock it with drinks, snacks, and the makings for sandwiches. By keeping food on hand, you can avoid making extra pit stops as you travel, and cut back on expensive convenience store foods.

When packing for a trip, a first aid kit is one thing that you should never lose. when travelling, there are probabilities you may bump into a casualty. In such a circumstance, having a first aid kit always proves to be advantageous. Make sure that your first aid kit has cotton, band-aid, wrap bandage, antiseptic, antibacterial solution and a pair of scissors. Additionally, attempt to keep some essential drugs such as painkillers or drugs for cough and cold handy. You never understand when you may need them.

“We haven’t seen him yet,” Ernie Directo of San Jose said as the middle schoolers nodded in agreement. With baseball mitts in hand, they remained loyal and determined.

Travel Inn Gilroy, Gilroy Hotels – California

Travel Inn Gilroy 2 Stars Gilroy, California Within US Travel Directory Located 4.9 km from Gilroy Premium Outlets, this Gilroy motel offers guest rooms with free WiFi. It features a 24-hour reception and free guest parking.
A cable satellite TV with Showtime film channels is provided in each air-conditioned room at Travel Inn Gilroy. A microwave and a refrigerator are included in each room. Extras include a work desk and bed linen.
The Gilroy Garden Family Theme Park is 6 km away from the motel. Mineta San Jose International Airport is 54 km away from Gilroy Travel Inn. Henry W. Coe State Park is 19 km away.
Hotel Location :
Travel Inn Gilroy, 5530 Monterey Road CA 95020, USA
Booking Now:

Hotels list and More information visit U.S. Travel Directory

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How To Buy Cheap Student Airfares

On the Scenario Sheet, each Ghoul is represented by a silhouette divided into six parts. Each part is labeled with a number 1 through 6. For example, each Ghoul’s right arm is labeled “1”, their head is labeled “2”, and the body is labeled “4” and so on. Prior to the game, you determine which of these zones will be the Ghoul’s weak spot by circling it.

A useful travel tip for anyone venturing abroad is to give accredited or recommended hostels a try. These dorm-like lodgings offer safe, clean places to stay for those travel on a tight budget. By touring in this way, it is possible to meet new friends, visit a greater number of different countries, and spend less money than you may have thought possible.

If you have hotels booked on your trip, consider bringing a few travel candles. Candles will make the room smell good. Also, it creates a romantic and relaxing atmosphere and could get you to fall asleep. Purchase small candles that will easily fit in your luggage.

A flash-lamp is also essential when going on a trip. It will be particularly useful in those late nights or after dark outings. The flashlight you take together should have sufficient backup power that allows for a minimum an hour of uninterrupted usage. There are specific flashlights, on travel tips the other hand, that last little over a couple of minutes and hence, are completely unsuitable for a trip. Additionally, bear in mind to carry additional batteries for your flashlight.

Many airlines will give you a considerable fare discount if you are traveling to the funeral of a family member. Be sure to notify the air carrier about your circumstances when you book your ticket. They may ask you for details such as the name and phone number of the funeral home, and your relationship to the family member who has passed on.

Placing All your eggs in one basket – Everyone has heard that saying and although it may be convenient why should consumers place all their finance needs with one institution. There are so many other deals out there.

Carry-on duffel bags are great for travelling especially when travelling by plane. But remember to check with the airline you are travelling with what weight limits apply.

But, somehow, these days, whenever I look at a flying airplane in the sky, I never hear the calling from that distant land. That iron bird does not take me with it. I do not feel the urge to go with it either. I neither think about the journey nor do i want to land in a new destination. The flying speck does not command my emotions these days. I gaze at it but feel nothing. Have I no further to go? Have I reached my final destination? Is this where I am destined to live?

Thame – A Place To Go For A Wonderful Vacation

If you like to sleep in, this is not the best option for you as tour groups adhere to very strict schedules. This is also a good point to remember when booking a flight. If you book your flight with the tour group and are delayed, most tour companies are responsible for finding a way to help you meet up with the group once they’re on the road. If you book independently, you may be on your own–and isn’t that what you were trying to avoid all along?

The Alaskan Highway is legendary for a variety of reasons. When it was first built, it wasn’t so much a beautiful drive as a survivor travel tips episode. The trip took you through huge remote areas and relatively small problems could quickly become catastrophes in this wild land. Today, things are much more serene and the trip is long, but undeniably beautiful. More and more people are loading up the RV and taking it on each year.

Despite my deep breathing exercises, my stress level was off the chart. That expired passport was both a time-consuming and expensive delay and it almost didn’t happen. Learn from my mistake. Make sure you check your passport and any necessary visas required for your trip weeks ahead of time.

Car hire businesses and minibus hire Esseex in London, other western countries and popular cities are still growing but it was started in the year 1930 Hertz started selling franchise of his name.

Stop the repetitive question of “are we there yet?” for the next long family haul down the highway. Select the appropriate number of audiobooks for your travelling time to keep the entire family entertained. Throw in an audiobook that the kids can learn important life values through the basis of a well written story.

Unless you speak the native language of the country you are headed to, the idea of interacting with your foreign hosts may be a deterrent. With a tour group, your guide will most likely be a native speaker with a great deal of cultural insight.

First, you have to keep in mind that straight is definitely always far. Hitting a ball harder doesn’t mean it will travel farther. The truth is, the harder you hit the ball, the more difficult to maintain the ball in play. This happens because your body will be more off balance due to the harder down swing.

On any given weekend, one can travel to almost any local park and watch the neighborhood men and women engaged in an exciting game of basketball. This game is more important to those players, more important than the NBA championship because this game directly affects them, their pride, and their bragging rights for the next week. After the neighborhood basketball game, the players will return home to watch their favorite National Basketball Association (NBA) team on television. The two teams with the best record of wins will meet at the end of the season to play for the championship. This game, which fascinates and excited millions of fans around the world, would never have been possible, if Dr. James Naismith had not invented it over a century ago.

Airstream Travel Trailers: Quietstream

Airstream Travel Trailers: Quietstream

Airstream Travel Trailers: Quietstream

Quietstreamâ„¢ is one of many innovations that makes an Airstream Travel Trailer feel like home. Learn more about this unique air ducting system and Airstream Travel Trailers at
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Phuket Travel And Vacation Tips

Whether you buy your wedding favors or make them, you don’t have to spend a fortune. They are an expression of your thanks to your guests for having shared your special day with you. Your guests will value the sentiment of your gift, not the cost.

A well-planned vacation will not let you fail. travelling to another land requires some tasks to be done. It’s not like you’re going to take a ride on a cab and there you go. Decide on where you’ll go, whom you want to join you, what to bring, food preparations or arrangements, how long you’ll stay there, what your activities would be and your budget.

Like Steve who met his wife in a restaurant in London because he just happened to be there on a work visit and she just happened to be there on a holiday and they just happened to have a mutual friend who just happened to be in town at the same time and incredibly enough they both just happened to phone him when they were there and not surprisingly he just happened to think that it would be easier to kill two birds with one stone and ask them out to dinner with him at the same time.

Every travel tip you give others has the power to motivate them to invest their time and money in exploring the town, city or the village you loved. Being called as the ‘cradle of the Renaissance’, visiting this capital city of Tuscany will be a great idea! Before travelling to Florence to spend this vacation it is better to know few things about the culture and travel, isn’t it? Before you start packing your bags, take a look at this simple six Florence travel tips.

Melt hotel ice to have filtered water in your morning coffee. Instead of using the tap water, which may not be the best tasting, fill your ice bucket and allow it to melt overnight. When you wake up in the morning you will be able to brew fresh coffee with decent tasting filtered water travel tips .

Traveling fascinates you. Seeing new places, discovering new cultures and meeting new people while you have the resources and energy to do so, explore as many places as you can.

During the times when he can not be physically present, a committed boyfriend will call you every now and then, sometimes just to say hi. On the other hand, a guy who has one reason after another for not showing up or calling you still has no intentions of outgrowing the dating stage.

The Alaskan Highway is legendary for a variety of reasons. When it was first built, it wasn’t so much a beautiful drive as a survivor episode. The trip took you through huge remote areas and relatively small problems could quickly become catastrophes in this wild land. Today, things are much more serene and the trip is long, but undeniably beautiful. More and more people are loading up the RV and taking it on each year.

3 Practical Tips For Saving Money When You Are Travelling

Don’t assume perfume or chocolates are ok gifts. It isn’t that these gifts aren’t welcome, but, be 100% certain you know the person you are buying for isn’t allergic. Nothing will trigger the “you don’t know me at all” response quicker if you buy a gift for someone who is allergic to it!

After I got home, I went on the Internet, to search Google for Orchid care information. I found that the advice was nothing out of the ordinary plant care tips. That does not help me very much because I have killed many plants while following instructions. Hey, stuff happens.

2) Manage a valid passport and all required visas that will be needed for the trip. Manage two copies of your credentials. Keep one set of passport and visas along with yourself during the tour and keep travel tips the other passport and other credentials with someone trustworthy back at home.

If you find yourself needing to cut corners to stay within your budget, this is definitely a practice that could be overlooked without guilt. Few will even notice the absence of wedding favors!

It is entirely possible for an impoverished person to live a life of love and virtue. It’s just easier with access to a lot of money. With money, one can provide a bigger check to their favorite charity. With money, you can expand your worldly scope by travelling and experiencing new and different people. With money, you can afford to acheive a great education without the sometimes debilitating effects of having to pay off student loans afterward. You can feed many more of the hungry. You can have more time to do the things you love instead of doing the things you have to do. Money can help free your liberties and give you an ‘open’ view of the world as opposed to the mental prison you may feel when you fight gridlock to crawl into a job you dislike everyday.

Keep a positive outlook and give yourself the will to live, having a purpose in life gives you an edge. Spend more time with friends, travel, find something creative you enjoy doing. Creativity influences wellbeing, especially after you retire.

Finding packages for services and attractions can be one of the most invaluable of all cheap travel tips. Package deals can be found on most things, from shuttle rides if you purchase round trip in advance, to hotel room rates that include free breakfast.

Rio de Janeiro, or just Rio, is popular because of the vast natural settings, Samba and various other music as well as Carnival celebrations. There is also a wide array of tourist beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana paved with cream and black swirl-like pattern mosaic decorations or Pedra Portuguesa as it is most known for.